(3069-1) EF57-1

Normal Price : ¥ 7,800 JPY

¥ 5,850 JPY

Item Code: 3069-1

Weigh : 140 g


ItemNumber 3069-1

EF57 is representative of the gallant style where truck decks around the 0/1940 (1940), was born before World War II the railways passenger DC electric locomotive. Tokaido line limited express 'TSUBAME' towed active, changed later to the Tōhoku main line, equipped with electrical heating systems for the passenger train, "Tsugaru" express "hakkoda 8," and usually worked in the traction of trains. No. 1 of the top number is EF56 2 form (8-12) of the pantograph to pull the current angular bodywork and a central heresy aircraft, and no. 2 since different appearance is characterized.