(3072) EF13

Normal Price : ¥ 7,500 JPY

¥ 5,625 JPY

Item Code: 3072

Weigh : 130 g


ItemNumber 3072

EF13 is freight electric locomotive was developed under the second war war. During World War II because steel and skip as much as possible before and after body styling in a short body and "convex" and became a hood-shaped equipment rooms, a central body. Then 0/1953 (1953)-old EF58 32 years (1957) type ef58 became surplus body changes into a sleek body, reincarnation in Japanese national railways standard form, 0/1979 (1979) from the Yamanote freight around the metropolitan area, Central line and Musashino line. And has served as principal of the freight line and Nambu line.