(7010-4) DD54 Early Stsge

Normal Price : ¥ 7,000 JPY

¥ 5,250 JPY

Item Code: 7010-4

Weigh : 160 g


ItemNumber 7010-4
DD54 Early Stsge

Kato will make in N scale a diesel locomotive with unique front features which was operated in San-in area.
DD54, impressive for the European style, was a locomotive that was mass-produced in 1966 and later based on DD91, which was made on a trial basis with high power engine for sub-trunk lines. Belonging to Fukuchiyama and Yonago engine depots, this model of locomotive was widely used to pull local passenger and freight trains on San-in mainline, between Kyoto and Hamada, as well as on Fukuchiyama, Bantan and Hakubi Lines. The locomotive also pulled expresses “Daisen”, “Izumo” and “Oki”.