(10-871) 225-0 Series Shinkaisoku

Normal Price : ¥ 18,800 JPY

¥ 14,100 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-871

Weigh : 750 g


ItemNumber 10-871
225-0 Series Shinkaisoku
8Cars Set

Kansai urban network core for 'new rapid service' and 'rapid' near-225-0 is announcing a new series. 0/2010 (2010) revision 11 / Tokaido / Sanyo line system, our comprehensive vehicle was 8-car formation activity begins, a tourist cabin and 223-12-car seen driving in the organization. Also, hanwa line at 225-5000 series, and started playing future 225-bei further increase is planned, as the face of the new suburban trains of JR West Japan widely expected is.