(98458) JR HC85 series hybrid car (test run car) 4 cars

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¥ 12,480 JPY

Item Code: TOMIX 98458

Package volume : 900


ItemNumber 98458
JR HC85 series hybrid car (test run car)
4 cars

The HC85 series is a hybrid car that appeared in 2019 as a replacement vehicle for the limited express "Hida" and "Nanki" operated by the Kiha 85 series.
The same series uses a hybrid system, which uses the power generated by the engine and the power stored in the storage battery to drive the motor and drive the vehicle, thereby reducing environmental impact.
The test vehicle that appeared in 2019 will undergo various driving tests before the introduction of mass-produced vehicles, and the test results will be reflected in mass-produced vehicles that will appear from 2022.
After the introduction of mass-produced vehicles in 2022, the test vehicle will be modified to mass-produced vehicle specifications and will be introduced on the limited express "Hida" and "Nanki".