(10-813) 813-200 Series

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Item Code: KATO 10-813

Weigh : 510 g

813-200 Series
3Cars Set

From Kyushu Metropolitan Transportation local transportation 813 very active community contact vehicle series sequel series Kyushu a new companion, fukuhoku Yutaka line specification adds. 813 appeared in March 0/1994 (1994) on the JR Kyushu is a suburban AC train started playing in Kyushu Metropolitan Transportation improvement. After that next series, has spread to all parts of Kyushu active sector is equipped with. Especially between Hakata and Nogata, fukuhoku Yutaka line (sasaguri line), are also coloured active. KATO is a Kagoshima main line 2-813-3 formation together with consolidated, be active in the organization up to 9 cars 200, silver body with black face crossing series followed by the tie and the city of Fukuoka and chikushi district nōgata line for 200 series also will be commercialized in the real.