(10-1584+1585) 651 Series Super Hitachi

Normal Price : ¥ 28,600 JPY

¥ 21,450 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-1584+1585

Weigh : 1200 g


ItemNumber 10-1584+10-1585
651 Series Super Hitachi
Basic 7Cars+4Cars Add-On
11Cars Set

Series 651 is JR East's first AC / DC limited express train that appeared in 1989.
The refined color scheme reminiscent of monotone on a simple, smooth surface with no decorations has been redesigned. Green cars are equipped with an LCD TV with 1 + 2 three-row seats that can also watch satellite broadcasts. Regular cars are equipped with two doors on each side of the car.
We will recreate the familiar 651 series on the famous train "Super Hitachi" that ran in the Heisei era by renewing it with light LED and equipment under the floor at the end of the car.