(10-1211) Waki50000

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¥ 1,275 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-1211

Weigh : 100 g


ItemNumber 10-1211
2Cars Set

We commercialize Waki 50000 which played an active part with 50000 between Tokyo and Kyushu. When the mainstay of the high-speed freight train between Tokyo and Kyushu is transferred from Koki 10000 series to Koki 50000 series by the schedule revision of October, 1978 (1978), as a cover car that can be operated concurrently with Koki 50000 series, 50000 was born.It is a vehicle that has been remodeled based on Waki 10000, and has appeared one after another between 1977 and 55 (1980), and has been active mainly in small package transportation.