(5267) Ohani61

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ItemNumber 5269
Single Car

The Series 60 passenger car is a remodeled steel car that 3,500 have been remodeled using the frame of a wooden passenger car etc. in order to increase transport capacity and ensure safety after the war. In addition to the third-class cars and luggage cars, there were various types of mail and luggage integrated cars. I worked on the regular trains of various places until the late year of the old-style passenger car.Faithfully reproduced the Oha 61 series for the south of Honshu, the largest power among the 60 series groups. As with the 43 series passenger cars, they have 1m wide side windows, but because the seat spacing is smaller than the 43 series, one more set of windows are placed.Suni 61 is a mail luggage car that has been remodeled based on Ohani 61 etc. from 1965 to 1943 (1965). The number will differ depending on the type of car before remodeling. The 0th stand is a modification of the former guest room part of Ohani 61 into a postal room, and it is a major feature that the window of 1000mm width of the room age remains in the exterior.