(4245-3) Saha787-100 Series "Around The Kyusyu"

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Item Code: KATO 4245-3

Weigh : 90 g


ItemNumber 4245-3
Saha787-100 Series "Around The Kyusyu"
Single Car

Since its debut in July 1992, the actual vehicle has undergone various operational changes and is now located at the Minami Fukuoka Vehicle Center and the Oita Vehicle Center. The “Kamome”, “Kirameki”, “Nichirin”, “Hyuga”, and “Kirishima” At the center, it is playing an active role as the main line of the conventional limited express.
Kuroha 786 and Kuha 787 0 series are newly set, and the 4-car train is newly N gauge. At the same time, a coupler set and skirt for the top connection are set as accessory parts, and the combined operation of the 787 series can be reproduced.
It is possible to reproduce the 6 + 6 12-car train “Kirameki” and the 4 + 4 substitute “Sonic”.