(10-1451) 381 Series "Yuttari Yakumo"

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ItemNumber 10-1451
381 Series "Yuttari Yakumo"
6Cars Set

"Yuttari Yakumo", which has the role of Yin Yang liaison connecting Okayama and Izumo City, Shimane prefecture, is currently operated in 381 series. On other routes, while the selection of the National Express Train Limited Express is proceeding, renewal inside and outside the car was carried out from 2006 (2006) to Heisei 22 (2010).The 381 series "Latest Yakumo" to be commercialized this time is a combination of a characteristic 380 Panorama Green car's Chrono 380 and Moha 380 200, which is different from the other cars on the roof and window division. It is productization in active form, which reproduces the difference of detailed details such as removal of the side sabotage side, embedment of side emergency exits, plate numbering of car number and so on accompanying renewal.From four-car train stages in a quiet period, you can reproduce up to 6 carving arrangements seen on soil holidays, etc. You can enjoy it with your favorite organization.