(10-869+10-870) 24 Series Sleeping Limited Express "Twilight Express"

Normal Price : ¥ 23,000 JPY

¥ 17,250 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-869+10-870

Weigh : 1150 g


ItemNumber 10-869+10-870
24 Series Sleeping Limited Express "Twilight Express"
Basic 6Cars+4Cars Add-On
10Cars Set

"Twilight Express" which finished running while being missed by the diamond revision in March this spring. Although it is announced that it will be active as a cruise train in the future, we reproduce the third formation which was allocated to the up train of Osaka arriving on March 13 when it was the last operation."Twilight Express" operated by JR West was active as a domestic highest level luxury train, as well as "Cassiopeia", and it was also the train running the longest distance in Japan that connects about 1,500 km between Osaka and Sapporo. Heisei first year (1989) Since it appeared in July, ranked top of the train which it wants to ride, the supreme class "suite" as a premier ticket, as well as railway fansAlthough it was also a longing train for the person, I finished traveling in March.