(10-1497) Kiha81 Series "INAHO-TSUBASA

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ItemNumber 10-1497
Kiha81 Series "INAHO-TSUBASA
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0/1960 (1960), was born as the hope of the non-electrified sections diesel limited express series KIHA 81 builds Jnr limited express network with 82 KIHA was born the following year, contributed greatly to the modernization of the passenger. Was diverted to 'inaho' electrified, chased after the success in 'hatsukari' at Ueno — Aomori between, into 'Tsubasa' playing field from 0/1968 (1968), built from October next year of Showa 44 (1969). Driven by leveraging the operational pause, "Hitachi", e657, inherited the name still appeared for the first time at this time has served as the express train. Worked as the Kisei main line limited express 'Kuroshio' from 0/1972 (1972), 0/1978 (1978) September due to completion of electrification between shingū and Wakayama, its role to 381, giving retired.