(10-1273) Rhaetian Bahn ABe8 / 12 (Alegra)

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ItemNumber 10-1273
Rhaetian Bahn ABe8 / 12 (Alegra)
3Cars Set

The Rhaetian Railway is one of the largest private railways in Switzerland, has a route network of about 400 km, connects world tourist destinations such as St. Moritz and Davos with the "Glacier Express", and has been a sister of the Hakone Tozan Railway in Japan for 35 years. It has become a railway, and exchanges such as naming vehicles are continuing.
is a vehicle with a unique low-floor body structure that boasts the same output as a locomotive even though it is a train, and is also active in towing passenger cars. Has a braking device. It is a high-performance vehicle that can be transformed from 100 km / h on the main line to the road surface track, and is active on each line of the Rhaetian Railway, suitable for enjoying the Swiss railway scenery with a model along with the "Glacier Express". It is a vehicle.