(5077-1) Ohani36 Brown

Normal Price : ¥ 1,700 JPY

¥ 1,360 JPY

Item Code: KATO 5077-1

Weigh : 90 g


ItemNumber 5077-1
Ohani36 Brown

The Ohani 36 series is based on the steel body passenger car Ohani 63 series that appeared in 1955, and is structurally a vehicle belonging to the Ohani 61 series manufactured for local lines. However, since it was designed from the beginning for use in honor trains, the guest rooms are compliant with the Suha 43 series for express trains. Since the TR11 type dolly that was originally equipped is not suitable for high-speed driving, it was transferred to the TR52 type dolly from 1956, and it became the Ohani 36 type.
The range of activity is wide, and we were able to see the activity on all lines nationwide, from express trains to ordinary trains.