(9412) JR Kiha 40-1700 Type (Hokkaido Type)

Normal Price : ¥ 4,600 JPY

¥ 3,680 JPY

Item Code: TOMIX 9412

Weigh : 140 g


ItemNumber 9412
JR Kiha 40-1700 Type (Hokkaido Type)

The Kiha 40-1700 model is a vehicle with a life extension measure for the Kiha 40-700, a one-man modified car of the Kiha 40 series for extreme cold regions, the Kiha 40-100, along with repair of each part, engine, transmission update, roof water The tank was relocated in the car and added 1000 to the original car number.
Along with the unrenewed Kiha 40-700 and the metropolitan-colored Kiha 40-700 / 1700, they are active on various routes in Hokkaido.