(10-1548) 20 Series CarTrain Kyusyu

¥ 18,400 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-1548

Weigh : 1220 g


ItemNumber 10-1548
20 Series CarTrain Kyusyu
13Cars Set (4Cars Passenger Car+9Cars Freight Car)

The car train, which appeared at the end of the JNR, is a service that allows private cars and their drivers to travel on a single train, and features a unique organization in which sleepers and wagons are connected. Initially, the car train was the only train connecting Hamamatsucho in the metropolitan area (by Shiodome and Ebisu depending on the time) and Higashi Kokura in Kyushu, but because it was popular it later appeared a train linking Nagoya and Kyushu, and the metropolitan area and Hokkaido . Renamed "Car Train Kyushu" to distinguish it from other trains and worked until 1994 (1994).