(10-1404+10-1405) Kiha85 Series Wideview Hida/Nanki

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Item Code: KATO 10-1404+10-1405

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ItemNumber 10-1404+10-1405
Kiha85 Series Wideview Hida/Nanki
Basic 4Cars+5Cars Add-On
9Cars Set

The Kiha 85 series appeared in 1988 as a limited express train for JR Tokai. It has two leading end shapes, penetrating and non-penetrating, and features a stainless steel body with a white front and an orange band. Taking advantage of the enjoyment of landscape views from the panoramic window, we have been active in . Active as "Hida" on the Takayama Main Line and "Kanuki" on the Kisei Main Line, the Kiha 85 is characterized by its many variations of formation, as it can be appropriately organized according to the increase and decrease of passengers because it is a pneumatic vehicle. To be able to reproduce the current organization, we will commercialize the Kiha 84 300s, which is essential for the formation including the 85 km and 85 kms green top cars in all rooms, and the Kiha 85 1100s, a modified car for disabled people. We also reproduce the holo adapter attached to the front through door. In addition, it is also possible to reproduce the figure of deer impact mitigation equipment attached to the skirt, which is mainly seen in the operation of "Nanki".