(HO-1-609) Kiha 80 Series (Trailer)

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¥ 4,650 JPY

Item Code: KATO HO-1-609

Weigh : 330 g

ItemNumber 1-609
Kiha 80 Series (Trailer)
Single Car

Kiha 81 debuted in the limited express "Hatsukari" as the first station of the first diesel train Kiha 80 series in 1960 (1960). It features a distinctive bonnet shape and has been at the forefront of various expressways since then.The Kiha 82 900s appeared to be the first car of the 80 kilos and remodeled into a leading car after 1968 (1968). It is characterized by the arrangement of windows in the green car era, and after having been active in "Inaho", "Tsubasa" and "Hitachi", we traveled to Hokkaido and worked as "Okhotsk" and "Hokuto".The Kiha 82 series was created based on the Kiha 81 series, which achieved results in the Tohoku Express "Hatsukari", with the aim of increasing the number of non-electrified main arterial trains. At the same time, a dining car car with a drive engine has appeared. In October 1961, she made her debut with the limited express "Swan" of the Japan Sea Longitudinal Line, and major cities and regions such as "Oozora" in Hokkaido, "Kamome" in Kyoto-Nagasaki, and "Matsuze" in Sanin Express It has been active for a long time as a flower-shaped limited express train connecting main cities and sub-high lines, and has been evaluated as a completed form of the JNR Limited Express.