(HO-1-305) EF65-1000 Early Type

Normal Price : ¥ 18,500 JPY

¥ 13,875 JPY

Item Code: KATO HO-1-305

Weigh : 650 g


ItemNumber HO-1-305
EF65-1000 Early Type

The EF 65 1000 appeared in 1969 as a high-speed double-purpose type of the EF 65 type in 1969 and has been widely used in DC flat line electrification sections throughout the country, from blue trains to general freight trains. A through door is provided for heavy-duty operation, and it has a feature on the front that has an image different from that of the 0th and 500th units. In addition, we are also strengthening cold and snow resistant equipment in consideration of winter use on the Tohoku and Joshinetsu lines. A total of 139 cars were manufactured, but depending on the year of manufacture and specifications, you can see the difference in appearance specifications due to the presence of pantographs, license plates, taillight shapes and front vents.