(10-1274+10-1275) E257 Series (Azusa/Kaiji)

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¥ 20,250 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-1274+10-1275

Weigh : 1200 g


ItemNumber 10-1274+10-1275
E257 Series (Azusa/Kaiji)
Basic 7Cars+4Cars Add-on
11ars Set

E257 series appeared in 2000 (2000) for replacement of 183 series and 189 series. Based on the basic structure of E653 series and E751 series, it has a white body with five color rhombus patterns. Currently, it is used for the Chuo Line express "Azusa" and "Kaiji", and it is the last activity to connect the metropolitan area and Shinanoji. The rhombus pattern seen on the exterior of the vehicle is based on white in the images of the Alps mountains and apple flowers, and expresses the colors of the four seasons and is pink (spring flowers), amber (summer tree leaves), yellow (autumn autumn leaves) ), Blue-purple (winter mountains), silver (Yatsugatake and the foot of the Alps). You can also see the activity as a school trip special train now.