(10-1522~10-1524) E353 Series Azusa/Kaiji

Normal Price : ¥ 38,300 JPY

¥ 28,725 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-1522+10-1523+10-1524

Weigh : 1510 g


ItemNumber 10-1522+10-1523+10-1524
E353 Series Azusa/Kaiji
Basic 4Cars+5Cars Add-on+3Cars Associated
12Cars Set

The E353 series, which began commercial operation in December 2017 (2017), is a successor vehicle to the E257 series and E351 series, which had previously been active in Azusa and Kaiji. A major feature is the use of an air spring-type body tilting device and curvilinear passage performance equivalent to that of the E351 series.A simple, powerful design with a sense of speed, with a band of Azusa violet on the body of Alpine White, symbolizes the very next-generation express train.He is currently active in "Super Azusa", "Azusa" and "Kaiji".